The Definitive Guide to Northern Ireland Rain

Come Hail or High Water - Embrace the Great outdoors and perhaps even prepare you for your next Todds Leap Experience.

By Shirley Todds

The Definitive Guide to Northern Ireland Rain

Ah Summer.... When the days get longer and the rain gets warmer. But rather than sit indoors and suffer from cabin fever, hundreds of Families, Work Colleagues, Team mates, Youth Groups, Hen Parties & Stag Parties donned their outdoor clothing & rocked up to Todds Leap to embrace the Northern Ireland weather to have a MUDDY good time this Summer!

There's a saying around Todds Leap, that there's no such thing as bad weather, just the wrong type of clothing! This was something our Instructor Aisling found out, when she got stuck out in the rain, her water proof jacket was not so water proof after all! 


Dressing for the weather can be somewhat of a problem, especially as Northern Ireland rain comes in many shapes and forms. With this in mind, we present to you, ‘The Definitive Guide to Northern Ireland Rain.’

We're hoping it comes in useful and helps you embrace the great outdoors and perhaps even prepare you for your next Todds Leap Experience. Sure we’re not salt!


1.       Grand A humid day that could do anything, in other words, conditions are normal. Prepare for the worst and hope for the best.

2.       Trying to Rain Grey out, just a thick mist, not too cold, might rain later. The clouds have some in them but it’s not quite coming down with consistency. Don’t let it put you off, have a go on our Climbing Wall and show those rain clouds whose boss!

3.       Mizzling  'Dry Rain' - Mist that doesn’t get you wet even though it’s technically raining, this is the perfect weather for one of our Zip Lines, there’s nothing quite like flying through a misty fog at knee trembling height… hmm maybe we should charge extra on these days?

4.       Drizzling – Drizzle my Mizzle, that’s what snoop dogs been rapping about all these years! Similar to mizzle but just turned up a notch. You’re still good to run free outdoors, just don’t stand around too long or you will start to compare damp patches with your fellow Todds Leaper.  

5.      Mucky - just a dirty old day. All-over greyness. Possible windiness. Unrelenting rain that never turns into a good honest downpour, you’d think it was no more than a mist but it is definitely 2nd layer of clothing time.

6.       Spitting Definitely raining, but sure it might clear up. It wouldn’t stop the most hard-core, outdoorsy type persons having a go on our Drop Zone though, dare devils!!

7.       Teaming –There’s no two bones about it, it’s definitely welly & raincoat time here.  It’s not necessarily bucketing or lashing, but there’s nothing worse than soggy socks, so as long as your waterproof you’re good to go. Just be cautious if you’re out Paintballing. Seriously, have you ever tried running in wellies?

8.       Wet Rain or Fat Rain - Windscreen wipers at the ready, this big, fat rain really means business. 'Wet Rain' can be very misleading, it’s not necessarily heavy, but will almost certainly have you screw up your face while walking through it & soak you right through if you stand out to long. It’s time to adorn a very stylish poncho, available from all good receptionists!

9.       Bucketing or ‘Batin down’ – Windscreen wipers at the full. This is unrelenting, vertical rain, falling rapidly at force in profuse amounts. One quick unprotected dash, will almost certainly have you drenched.  Fear not, our weather proof activity huts at Clay Pigeon Shooting and Archery are the perfect retreat for those still not willing to give in to the rain.

10.   Heavens have opened - sudden onset of strong solid flow of rain. Time for a coffee or a bight of lunch at the Twisted Axle or a spot of Off Road Driving, nothing makes off road driving conditions more fun than a good old burst of rain… it is Muddy Marvellous after all!

11.   Lashing Diagonal hard rain, that gets you right in the face (think hurricane weather) this is a rain not to be reckoned with. Don’t go outside. You’ll destroy yourself! Conversations will go like this, ‘Jaysus, that day!’ ‘Jaysus, I know!’. It’s time to pull up a high stool at the Twisted Axle or take sanction in one of our Snooze Boxes, as there’s nothing as tranquil as snuggling up listing to the rain pelting off the roof!  

12.   Shee’boin – A combination of all variants, except the rain is more a sleet than anything. Unlikely to make an appearance during the summer months, but anything is possible in Northern Ireland, right?


If you're looking for a FUN DAY OUT, rain or no rain,  or an unforgettable EVENT then Todds Leap have something for everyone & above all else, exceptional hospitality!

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