Some of our activities have restrictions on age, height and weight. Please see the restrictions below which may apply to an activity.

Our Activity's Restrictions

  1. Archery

    Try your hand at this ever popular activity, if its your first time you'll be really surprised by just how much fun it can be.

    Age restrictedAge restriction: 8+

  2. Blindfold Driving

    You and your friends will take turns behind the wheel of our Landrover Defender, blindfolded! Guide one another around the off road obstacle course without knocking anything down!

    Age restrictedAge restriction: 8+

  3. Body Zorbing

    You are encased from the waist upwards in an inflatable ball with only your legs free! Whilst in the Zorb Ball you can play football, sumo wrestling, arena battles body-bumping and much more! Suitable for both adults and children aged 12 and over.

    Age restrictedAge restriction: 12 - 19 (approx) Age restrictedHeight restriction: Depending on size Age restrictedWeight restriction: Depending on size

  4. Clay Pigeon Shooting

    Clay Pigeon shooting is an incredibly fun activity, suitable for both men and women over 18. Before long you'll be blasting them out of the skies!

    Age restrictedAge restriction: 18+

  5. Climbing Wall

    Climb up to 40' on the Todds Leap climbing wall and get a birds eye view of the centre. The climbing wall offers an exhilarating experience whilst testing stamina, concentration and endurance.

    Age restrictedAge restriction: 8+

  6. Drop Zone

    The perfect activity for stag parties, the Drop Zone is the first purpose-built recreational free fall stunt jumping facility in Europe.

    Age restrictedAge restriction: Lower tier 16+, Higher tier 18+

  7. Giant Swing

    Another adrenaline-fueled activity and just like that old playground favourite, but on a much larger scale.

    Age restrictedAge restriction: 10+ and harness must fit securely Age restrictedWeight restriction: 7 - 18 stone

  8. Hill Rally

    The Hill Rally Stage is a unique event, completely exclusive at Todds Leap, a MUST DO activity for all thrill seekers!

    Age restrictedAge restriction: 10+

  9. Off Road Driving

    Takes place over a 7.5mile purpose built course. Comprising of rugged terrain, steep inclines, side slopes, water & lots of mud. ORD takes place in Land rover Discovery jeeps.

    Age restrictedAge restriction: 6+

  10. Paintball

    There are 5 paintball sites. Over 5 games are played. The guns used are Tippman 98 markers & bt4’s. Participants can upgrade to higher spec guns.100 free paintballs.

    Age restrictedAge restriction: 16+

  11. Rodeo Bull

    The Bucking Bronco is surrounded by a 20’ inflatable ring

    Age restrictedAge restriction: 16+

  12. Zipline

    The Zip line tower is approx 100m high and is over 500m long. Participants cross the valley at over amazing speeds taking in the beautiful view .

    Age restrictedAge restriction: 10+ and harness must fit securely Age restrictedWeight restriction: 7 - 18 stone