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You can download our activity guide to read over our list of activities and choose one for you or your group to get involved in.


Todds Leap BootCamp - Hard muckin’ work, filthy muddy fun!

Get down and dirty on the notorious Norn Iron trail, in the mountains around Ballygawley!

We have the exercises to push you through your perceived barriers; where else would you push a landrover, pull a tyre and squat a log? We have treks, trials and hills, hikes, games and drills. Todds Leap Bootcamp integrates intervals, circuits and routines with the great outdoors, to fuel that competitive streak in bootcampers. We can guarantee you an unforgettable experience with tangible physical and mental gains...Yes, Sir!

We run different types of Bootcamps, each customised to suit your occasion. For sports teams we have an emphasis on the physical fitness but also the teambuilding activities to spark that elusive chemistry. For corporate groups we have Bootcamp for Business, a programme to energise and connect business teams through physical and mental challenges, which can be tailored to any suit level of fitness. For other groups such as stag and hen parties, we have a unique funfilled Bootcamp giving you a great outdoor workout; more slapstick than whip crack, your muddy adventure will have you laughing all the way to the altar!

Every Bootcamp will involve some work, but we can also guarantee awesome rewards ‘cos we just can’t help having fun!  We’ll integrate some adventure activities into our Bootcamp, so you may feel the high flying thrills on our 500m Zip Line or enjoy the adrenaline buzz on our 100ft inflatable Super Slide (one of the largest in Europe).

With accommodation, catering and conference rooms all on site, this really is one of Ireland’s most comprehensive team building centres.  Whatever your motivation, we have the Bootcamp for you!

Sports Team Building Bootcamp

Rule 1: You will work hard! Rule 2: You will succeed! Rule 3: You will HAVE FUN!

A teambuilding day or weekend getaway for sports teams, our Bootcamp is particularly useful at the start of the year for getting a team to knuckle down into preseason training or for a timely reboot during a midseason lull. This is a back to basics, no frills attached boot camp, using traditional training techniques. Participants will realise that only discipline, effort and hard work leads to rewards, a concept we want them to transfer to the sporting field! Todds Leap’s rewards are more than worth the effort, in the form of Northern Ireland’s most exciting mix of adrenaline and adventure activities!

The aims are:

  • Teambuilding
  • Motivation
  • Improved Communication

Teambuilding beyond the training pitch is an almost universal practice among sports teams. The benefits are widely extolled and include increased motivation, better channels of communication, a greater sense of identity and belonging, building trust and improving cohesion. While this can be achieved through various exploits, we have the ideal infrastructure, the finest team of fitness instructors and the collective passion for the outdoors to provide the ultimate teambuilding through an unrivalled Bootcamp experience.

Additional services we offer include:

  • Outdoor Circuits
  • Motivational Talk
  • Norn Iron Run
  • Yoga
  • Team Building Games
  • Log Cabin Accommodation
  • Nutritional Advice
  • Archery
  • Video Analysis
  • Superslide
  • Cardiac Screening
  • Climbing Wall
  • Sports Psychologist
  • BBQ
  • Challenge Match

Running over 1 or 2 days, we can tailor the sports team package to suit the unique needs of your team, regardless of gender, age, ability or sporting code. We offer a full range of sport support services and nearby playing fields can be used for training and challenge games. Give us a call or enquire now to find out more about our Teambuilding Bootcamps!

  • Typical RRPs: (Min 15)
  • Half Day - £25 p/p
  • Full Day - £49 p/p
  • 1 night + Full Day activities - £79 p/p
  • 1 night + Day and a half activities - £119 p/p
  • Use of the conference room is £30/h

Bootcamp for Business

Flip the chart and escape the boardroom boredom with Todds Leap unique corporate event!

Our Bootcamp for Business is a blast of refreshing fun in the great outdoors, designed to get the pulses racing and the adrenaline flowing! We can tailor your activities to help you achieve whatever you want from your Bootcamp, whether it’s increasing motivation, improving communication, increasing self-efficacy or rewarding hard work.

Our physical and mental trials will challenge attitudes, develop leadership skills and enhance the team ethos. Your group can also utilise our conferencing facilities, accommodation and onsite restaurant for an all-inclusive corporate experience! Give us a call or enquire now to find out more about our Bootcamp for Business programmes.

Typical RRPs: (Min 8)
  • Half Day - £49 p/p
  • Full Day - £99 p/p
  • 1 night + Half Day - £79
  • 1 night + Full Day - £129
  • Use of the conference room is £30/h

Group Bootcamp

Get down and dirty just for the hell of it!

Hens go wild! Stags show off! Mates catch up! EVERYONE have a laugh! Whatever the occasion, we can stage a Bootcamp for you. Come to us and mark any event with a funfilled, muddy marvellous day out. Spend birthdays, bank holidays and day trips conquering the great outdoors in the hills around Ballygawley, Co.Tyrone.

We have assault courses, team games, offroad trails, adventure activities and loads of surprises thrown in for a great day’s craic! Try something new today; filthy muddy funtimes! Give us a call or enquire now to find out more about our Group Bootcamps!

Typical RRPs: (Min 8)
  • Half Day - £49 p/p
  • Full Day - £99 p/p
  • 1 night + Half Day - £79
  • 1 night + Full Day - £129